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Stimulate your mind using our self-hypnosis programs!

Our programs will guide you into a deep, profound state of relaxation and saturate your subconscious mind with positive suggestions.   These CDs work best when used at your normal bedtime for 30 consecutive days.  You will drift into a deep, restful state of sleep, while your subconscious mind accepts positive suggestions as reality.

Both your conscious and subconscious minds then work in harmony to achieve the same goal.  This is a simple, proven, inexpensive way to achieve the results you desire without attending a live seminar.
          Remember:  Change Begins In The Mind!

OControl Anger
OControl Bedwetting
OControl Drinking
OControl Pain
OControl Spending
OCreative Thinking

OGood Study Habits
OHow To Attract Love
OMemory Improvement
OMigraine Headaches
ORelieve Allergies
ORelieve Depression
ORelieve Insomnia
ORelieve Stress & Anxiety
OSports Improvement
OStop Nail Biting

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